The Next War . . . A War to the Finish!
Bayside Message June 18, 1994 • 24th Anniversary of Our Lady of the Roses

Veronica—The sky above us is becoming very lighted. Oh, it's in the—the light is very, very mysterious. And as it's coming forward, it's forming a huge, brilliant, diamond, glowing star, a beautiful star. Now the star itself is opening up and there, as though coming from a picture portrait—I can't place it in words exactly, how to describe this to you—a tremendous star. And right in the center of it—it's covering now the whole sky above us, over our heads, and I would say also to the rear of our heads.

Oh, and Our Lady is coming directly through that star. She's stepping down as though She was held up on the pedestal there. Our Lady is stepping down and She's looking all about Her. It's not still up there; there seems to be a wind because it's blowing Her skirt back and forth.

Our Lady looks so fragile and so beautiful. And there's a light emanating from Her. There's a light shining that makes Her look so beautiful that there are no human words to describe.

Now Our Lady is looking up and smiling. I, I understand She is looking at what just went overhead and making quite a bit of noise [an airplane]. Now Our Lady is smiling, and She's coming down to almost now—very close to us. And Our Lady touches her finger to her mouth.

Our Lady—"My child, I am coming this


close because of the multitudes. I do not in any way wish to be disturbed by their seeing me en masse, My child.

No more than five will see Me
“I know you have often asked me to appear to others to make your mission shorter. However, My child, I must go under the direction of the Eternal Father, and He wills it at this time that no more than five be given this sighting. You will explain everything that I tell you, My child, of this visit."


Now She is placing the cross right next to Her, and the strange thing about it, I don't see the cross setting on anything like a table. It's just suspended next to Our Lady by the air. That's the only way I can explain it. Our Lady is shaking Her head, yes. Now Our Lady is placing Her finger to Her lips.

Our Lady“My child and My children, and especially you, My child Veronica, I wish to explain to you the urgency of calling you upon the grounds this evening.

“Your strength is not as proficient for you as in the past, My child. I would advise you to not try to do too much at one time. I know, My child, what you are saying interiorly to Me, that I do not feel that I am losing any strength. That is because what you will and what you can suffer do not coincide, My child. I will ask you in your own language to take it a bit easy. We do wish to keep you upon the earth for some time.

U.S. embroiled in another war
“Now, My child, you will tell mankind that there is a terrible punishment scheduled for the Earth. If you, My child and My children, all who hear My words, will go forward as soldiers of peace this time, because—I say peace, because your country will soon be embroiled in another war.

A war to the finish
“Your prayers must rise to Heaven, and I will accompany them before the Eternal Father.


Photo of the seer Veronica Lueken taken sometime during the early '70s.


VeronicaNow Our Lady is turning to Her right and looking over. And now I see something that Our Lady has in Her hand that I never noticed before during all the years of the apparitions. She has a crucifix—no, not exactly a crucifix, but a cross like mine. But there's no corpus on the cross. Our Lady is smiling.