The Next War . . . A War to the Finish!
Bayside Message June 18, 1994 Part 3 • 24th Anniversary of Our Lady of the Roses

down here. He has on brown sandals. They look like leather; I think they're leather.

And He has on a cape, an ecru, almost white-colored cape over His gown. It's quite, it's quite a bit chilly over here. That is why I would assume that Jesus is wearing His cape.

Now Our Lady is placing Her first finger to Her lips.

Our Lady“My child, sit back and rest. I am not finished with the discourse with you, but now you must read some very important photographs.” [pause]

VeronicaRight now I see a large star up above the tall tree at the right side of the banner. Now this star is growing very large, an exaggerated form of the star. But oh, I can see why because the star now is covering the whole area of the trees, beyond the trees and down towards us; it seems to be increasing in velocity or whatever you want to call I it, this expansion of the star.

Now oh, right in the center I can see Him now—I know who it is because He did say He would come late this evening. I know it's Jesus.

Now He's coming closer, He's coming closer now. I can see Him very clearly now. He has a beautiful golden-tinged robe about Him now. It's pulled very tight, I don't know if it's because of the wind or what, but He's pulling


the gown about Him to prevent it from flying up, I guess. It looks very windy there.

And the robe over His gown has—it's tinged in some kind of fur, but it's sort of scintillating, or sort of shining. I never saw anything like that, as though there were some fragments of diamonds in the fur. I never saw anything like that on Earth.

Now Jesus has come over by the tallest tree, directly in front of us there. Jesus is standing


Mother* had an urgent message for you, and I come now at this late evening not to enlarge upon it in full. All I can say to you is you must all pray more now, if not for your immediate families, but for those you know who are not in the grace.

“My child and My children, I do not come for a lecture to Our children upon earth. All I can say is I want and I wish that all of you would pray more and by good example bring others to Us. I call all of Our children here this evening the ‘circle of light.’

A great trial soon
“There will come upon the earth a great trial soon. Many will be lost. I will not enlarge upon it because you, Veronica—I have told you countless times not to discourse on the punishment.

“Now I want you to listen to Me quietly, My child, I have something to tell you. You will not repeat it until I tell you.”

VeronicaYes....No, real—Oh, no—I don't know....Does it—does it have to happen?... I understand. It is something so horrible that it can't be spoken of.

Jesus said that I must repeat that many have forgotten the warning given through countless earth-years of the coming of the Ball of Redemption. Many will die in the great flame of this Ball of Redemption. Only the prayers of those who care for their fellow men have


Veronica and St. Theresa fishing for souls. Drawing by Nick Sevalen of Boston, Mass.


there. I can see He does have shoes on, some kind of slippers.

Now He's looking all about Him, and He appears to be smiling. That, of course, makes me feel very relieved. I didn't know why He came so late tonight, but He's smiling. And now He's placing his fingers to His lips, like this, which means to listen and repeat.

Jesus“My child and My children, My