Bayside Prophecies 3 • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

now why I cautioned you to send out the message with great haste (June 18, 1977).”

This prophecy was fulfilled less than a month later when a series of four lightning strikes to vital power lines north of the city knocked out all electrical power and plunged the city in darkness overnight on July 13, 1977, and without power well into the next day. The New York City Blackout of 1977 was a blackout that affected New York City alone, and resulted in widespread looting and other disorder including arson.

Cameroon Explosion
“The hourglass now is almost empty; days
can be counted by hours. For at this very moment We see a most terrible explosion, with the loss of many lives about to take place (Our Lady, June 18, 1986).”

In the dark of night on August 21, 1986, Lake
Nyos in Cameroon emitted a huge cloud of
carbon dioxide. This heavy gas settled in a
thick layer over the area asphyxiating 1800 people and all the animals in the area.

Assassination Attempt on John Paul II
In the September 28, 1979, message to Veronica Lueken, St. Michael warned to pray
for John Paul II; otherwise: “you will have an empty chair to be filled by the Bear, the white Bear of Communism. Pray, my children of

grace, a constant vigil of prayer for your Vicar, for the enemy has set forth a plan to crucify your Vicar. Rat-a-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tat!”

The plan was to kill him during his pastoral visit to the US. The message said if they were not successful then, they would try again in Rome. On May 13, 1981, in St. Peter's Square, a Turkish assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca, fired three bullets into the pope's body, which almost killed him.
Photo of the pope shot at St. Peter's 5-13-81
According to Agence France Presse wire reports, new documents found in the files of the former East German intelligence services confirm the 1981 assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II was ordered by the Soviet KGB and assigned to Bulgarian agents. Bulgaria then handed the execution of the plot to Turkish extremists.

WTC Demolition
In the October 1, 1988 message to Veronica


Lueken, Jesus said the following: “I see murder ahead now, My child, in your city of New York. Many shall be mowed down. It is an attack by a communist nation.

“No, My child, you do not need to know at this time the name of this nation, for it will soon be known when the captors are picked up. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will hear of this, My child, and they will try to stop them.

Bombs placed in strategic places
“These interlopers upon the serenity of the United States have dark skins. They are not from this nation, but they come from a presently warring nation. It is their object to destroy all, and cause chaos in the city of New York. With their plans, there will be bombs placed in strategic places, and many shall die at the hands of these ruffians.”

Later, in the message, Jesus said: “My child, they will choose the Empire State Building to bring more notoriety to the world.” This part seems to correspond to the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 when muslims from the Sudan attempted to blow up the Towers.

An inside job by US government
The second attack on September 11, 2001,