Bayside Testimonials • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

Backgrounder on Testimonials
The numbers of cures and conversions through Our Lady of the Roses have been in the thousands, perhaps even the tens of
thousands since Our Lady's first visit on the grounds of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church, and since 1975 at the Vatican Pavilion site in Flushing Meadows Park in Flushing. Our Lady has promised that many cures of bodily ailments would be given, but that many would have to accept their physical sufferings and crosses for the purification of their own souls, and as victim souls for the salvation of their brothers and sisters.

Send in your testimonials
From the beginning, Veronica asked that people who received favors, whether spiritual or bodily, at, or through the Shrine, to send in their testimonials in order to attest to the truth of the Shrine Apparitions. People responded in great numbers from all over the world, mailing in their reports of spectacular healings from blindness, cancer, and paralysis. Spiritual recovery, from loss of Faith, to overcoming vices like drug and alcohol addiction, were pouring in in large numbers.

Records kept for the Investigation
The Shrine has kept records of these claims on file, to be used in the propagation of the Mission, and eventually for a future investigation of the Shrine by the local Bishop.

In fact, in a locution to Veronica, Our Lady said: “One way we are going to shake up the Bishop is through a lot of written letters. Sit back and watch what is going to happen. He will be in for a big surprise. There will be so many cures and conversions, it will wake up the Bishop, and overshadow his present attitude. The Bishop will be unable to deny the miraculous healings on the grounds.”

If you have received a spectacular favor from Our Lady at Bayside, be it a cure or conversion, or a signal grace or spiritual experience that is astounding—please, please contact us immediately. We are very anxious to hear from you.

Testimonials from people at Vigils

Cure of brain cancer
Wanda Dunbar of Vista, California, who was diagnosed as having brain cancer (1983), was told by her doctor to get her family affairs in order as she only had thirty days to live. That is when Wanda decided to make a trip to the apparition grounds in New York City to ask for a cure. The day after her return home,


she asked her doctor to take another brain scan to see if there was any change in her condition. When the results were in, her doctor was dumbfounded. He said to her:

“Wanda Dunbar, you do not have a trace of cancer left in your body, not even in your brain. I can't understand this!”

Wanda, who could hardly walk or talk before her trip to New York City, affirms:

“It was my faith in Jesus and Mary and their apparitions in New York City that cured me!” The doctor then retorted: “If everybody had your faith, you would put us doctors out of business!”

Rosary changes from silver to gold
Lorraine Slagus of Bayonne, New Jersey, is filled with emotion as she recounts how her rosary changed color on the apparition grounds at a Vigil in 1984:

“It was silver this morning when I put it in my pocket. When I reached for it at the Vigil, it was all gold!”