Bayside Testimonials 2 • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

When asked what significance she attaches to this miracle, she concludes that Our Lady is trying to tell her to pray the Rosary more often.

Cure of Glaucoma
In 1981, Rosemary Andreotti of Marlton, New Jersey, suffered from a serious form of glaucoma which could never be cured. She had to take eye drops four times a day, her doctor said, or she would go blind. She used the rose petals on her eyes, and at the same time she put in a petition to Our Lady at the Shrine for a cure. She recounts what happened to her shortly thereafter:

“I went to the doctor at the Bull's Eye Hospital and he examined my eyes. He then told me that I didn't have glaucoma anymore, that my eyes were very healthy, and to stop using the eye drops, which I had been using for twenty-one years.”

Cure of ovarian cancer
Nancy Ligouri of Stamford, Connecticut, was diagnosed as having ovarian cancer in 1979. In 1992, she said:


“I know I'm cured because it's thirteen years later. I believe the night that I sat in the circle when Veronica came over and blessed me—I believe that was when my cure took place.”

Her doctor Peter A. Goodhue, M.D., had this to say:“Mrs. Ligouri was treated with chemotherapy, but stopped the treatment because it made her ill.

Mrs. Ligouri had a very malignant process (undifferentiated adrenal carcinoma, most likely of ovarian origin), with a very poor prognosis in 1979. Thanks be to God that she is cured.”

“I bless all the people around me”This priest from Calif. attending a Bayside Vigil had these words to say concerning his pilgrimage there: “I'm very happy to be here. I am a witness to the things that are happening and the lively faith of the people here. I bless all the people around me.”

Cure of a brain tumor
Dr. Fragala: “I'm Dr. Fragala, and this is Mary Castellano who had a brain tumor, and


who was miraculously cured by Our Lady of the Roses. In spite of the operation, it became impossible to remove all the tumor; some of it had to be left behind. However, with constant prayers to Our Lady of the Roses, there has been no reoccurrence. A miracle has been performed.”

Mary Castellano: “The brain tumor disappeared, what was left of it. I'm forever grateful! I feel fine. I'm happy to thank Our Lady of the Roses.”

Cure of cancer
“A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a form of carcinoma cancer. The doctor said that I wasn't going to make it.”

I came to the Vigil, and I got a rose petal and a blessed Rosary. I had another cat scan, and it indicated that the cancer was gone.

Now I'm back here to give thanks. I'm very grateful.