Bayside Testimonials 3 • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

Cure of acute transvermylitis
I was diagnosed with having acute transvermyelitis....Pretty soon it was all gone. Pretty soon I could walk and get around. I was fine.

“I am totally cured of blindness”
I begged Our Lady to heal me: I couldn't evencome out of the house or do anything, because of a sudden blindness.

I knew that Our Lady did it that day. I'm very happy...I am totally cured!

“I came here to pray”
“I am very happy here. For a very long time I


wanted to be here to pray to Our Lady of the Roses.
I pray for all the people of my country El Salvador, and for all the people who came here for the Vigil.”

Testimonial of faith
from Kalamazoo, Michigan:

“Before I learned of the Apparitions at Bayside from a family friend, I was a devout atheist, not believing in any religion. I went to a Bayside meeting, and I saw the miraculous photographs, which convinced me that I should at least investigate to found for myself if it was real. After investigating to my satisfaction, I decided that it was something that I wanted in my life, and I followed through on it. I was a believer in Bayside and converted to Catholicism even before coming here on these Grounds.”


Kathleen Depati's Testimonial
“I had been asking St. Michael in my prayers about receiving Communion in the hand because so many did, and I didn't. I thought I was being a pain in the neck. Without thinking any more about this, I went to the morning Mass at my parish church, St. Ann's in Southboro, Massachusetts, during Holy Week. When I went to receive Communion, the priest reached for the Host, but he didn't even get to touch it. The Host went up and around his head, around and around his body. He turned around and reached and caught it in the air. He went to place it on the altar, but I said: ‘Father, I will consume it.’ And he gave me the Host.

The woman behind me saw what happened, but I don't believe the woman behind her did. Both of us cried afterwards all day long.

After Mass, I went to the priest and said to him: ‘You can blame St. Michael for this!’
When asked what she concluded from this episode, she replied, “I believe Our Lord does not want us to receive in the hand.” She promises to never ever take it in the hand, and believes that this was a divine confirmation of the Apparitions at Bayside.