Miraculous Photos • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary
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Miraculous Photo: Huge ball of fire over flagpole.Ball of Fire
Miraculous photo taken on the Vigil grounds in the early '70's, which shows a full view of the the comet God is planning to send our way soon unless we amend our lives.

Miraculous photo of a beam of light from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Beam of light from Sacred Heart
Miraculous photo taken on June 24,1976, Vigil of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by Theresa O'Donnell of Arlington, Mass., of the sky. One can see the side profile of the head of a very recognizable worker for the Shrine at that time, with the ear, cheek, sideburn, and the edge of the eyeglass very visible. One can even see the edge of the white collar of his shirt. The man is facing a red and white beam of light from Jesus's Sacred Heart, which penetrates right through his body. There also appears to be an angel wing at the top of the light beam.

Miraculous photo of a man  on a throne on the stairway to Heaven.Stairway to Heaven
Miraculous photo taken of the night sky at the Vigil site by Al Arkovitch of Bayonne, N.J. with an SX-70 Polaroid camera


at the June 18, 1981 Vigil. A man wearing the white St. Michael beret (worn by Shrine workers and promoters) appears seated on a white throne, ascending what looks like a stairway to Heaven.

Miraculous photo of Guardian angel (upper left) hovers protectively over young boy. Guardian Angel
Guardian angel (upper left) hovers protectively over young boy in the left foreground, behind the seer Veronica (dressed in blue, wearing white veil), who is engaged in conversation with Vigil participants. The angel is wearing blue headdress and has a pink wing.

Miraculous photo taken from an airplane window by a passenger, showing Jesus coming through the clouds.

Jesus coming in the clouds
Miraculous photo taken from an airplane window by a passenger. I do not have further details on it. Because it is so similar to the Bayside photos, I have taken the liberty to include it in this collection.

Miraculous photo of a witch in side profile, complete with pointed hat and broomstick. Witch on a broomstick
Miraculous photo of a witch in side profile, complete with pointed hat. Our Lady warns

in many messages how witchcraft and Satanism are spreading like wildfire throuthout America.

Miraculous Polaroid photo  of Our Lady's statue all dressed in gold.Shrine Statue dressed in gold Miraculous Polaroid photo taken of the Shrine statue by Danny O'Reilly on the Vigil grounds in August 1998. Danny had been coming to the Shrine since 1974, but when he saw two statues of Our Lady at that Vigil, he became confused and didn't know which group to join. So he asked the Blessed Mother for a miraculous photo to help him make the correct decision. He snapped a picture of the original statue (the all white statue) of Our Lady, and as one can see here the statue is miraculously adorned in a gold mantle. This convinced him to join Arthur Lueken's group.

Dragon beaming evil waves into TV screen. Dragon beaming evil waves
Miraculous photo of the Devil (Dragon, top left) inspiring his evil thoughts into TV screen (center), distracting people away from using their precious free time to read the Bible (closed Bible below TV).