Veronica Lueken • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

Veronica named after St. Veronica
Veronica Lueken, the seer of Bayside, was born Veronica McDonald on July 12, 1923 (a date that coincides with the traditional feast day of the pious and courageous holy woman St. Veronica, who wiped Our Lord's bloodied face on the road to Calvary), and spent most of her life around New York. Up until June of 1968, She lived the life of an ordinary New York City housewife, with her husband Arthur, a retired purchasing agent, and their one daughter, Linda, and four sons, Arthur Jr., Thomas, Larry and Raymond.

A Victim Soul for the Church
Veronica, as all true mystics, suffered many crosses, physical and moral, throughout her mission, the very first one being her unbelieving husband who initially thought she was navigating the shoals of quasi-insanity. The second moral trial was the unbelief of her local parish authorities who mocked and ridiculed her when she informed them in the confessional of St. Theresa's visitations in 1968. Veronica suffered a major heart attack in 1979, from which she never completely recovered. She had her gallbladder removed a year later. She also had a kidney malfunction, a hiatel hernia operation, and finally old Bell's palsy (which is a partial paralysis of muscles in the face).

To act as the eyes for the world
The Catholic Church has been suffering from a diabolical disorientation brought on by the


catastrophe of the Second Vatican Council, in which Satan himself sat in on, and took over the scene, as the Bayside message states. God sent Veronica to set the Church on a correct path again: “In rare circumstances and occasions, the Eternal Father deems it necessary for the ordinary creature to act as the eyes for the world. That is why I have come in My travels to many countries, to many nations upon earth, to give the urgent warnings for mankind, choosing humble souls and those with a purity of heart of a child, neither questioning nor seeking to dethrone her or his God in Heaven—obedience to truth, doctrine, and Tradition ( 11-21-77).”


calling, My child and My children, did not go as you would expect. By the time We had reached you in Bayside, in your home, My child, We had looked with Theresa a long time for a Veronica (Our Lady, 7-25-85).” Veronica was told that two others chosen before her had turned down the offer from Heaven.

Annals of the Church
“I tell you now, My child, because the road has been filled with thorns, that Heaven, all Heaven, is greatly of heart for you and those who came with you from Heaven's direction to build up an apostleship that shall be forever written in the annals of the Church (Our Lady, 5-28-83).”

‘Veronica of the Cross’
“My child, do not be concerned of your disability. Remember Theresa did not give you the knowledge of Our name for you, as We rightly called you ‘Veronica of the Cross’ (Our Lady, 6-18-80).”

Waters will not be for you
“Veronica, My child, remember My Mother's counsel to you. You will not be cured, My child. The waters will not be for you. The cross cannot be lifted (Jesus, 6-18-80).”



Veronica and her husband Arthur in their wedding picture.

Looking for a Veronica
Heaven spent quite a long time looking for a Veronica, as this message states: “I have gone throughout the world for many earth-years, searching and seeking out those who would give their lives to Heaven for the salvation of their brothers and sisters. The