Photo of Our Lady and Veronica Lueken with the Vigil site in the background.

Welcome to the
Apparitions of Our Lady
to Veronica Lueken

  Our Lady in these apparitions at Bayside, New York, warns that we are living under the Reign of Antichrist, which began in 1971! The Virgin Mary (the Woman of the Apocalypse) battles the Red Dragon, as foretold in Revelation 12:1-6. The prophecies of the end times are presently unfolding! Our Lady comes to save us. Do you wish to be among the chosen few? Won't you join Her in this spiritual battle of Armageddon? Read and learn about these apparitions, revelations, messages, prophecies, visions, miracles of the Our Lady at Bayside given through the   visionary and latter day prophet Veronica Lueken. All who come with faith to the site of the Apparitions will be given graces in abundance, cures of the body and cures of the soulā€”all free for the asking.   Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, this Web site, along with Roses From Heaven, our main site, is dedicated to making known the Apparitions of Our Lady at Bayside and the messages of Our Blessed Mother and Jesus given to Veronica Lueken worldwide. This apostolate has no other goal than working for the glory of GOD and the salvation of souls. We encourage those who wish to promote our Web site Apparitions of the Virgin Mary and/or actively participate in this mission to contact us by email.